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Each of us is a master of our craft – we've worked a number of years in our field partners and affliations to deliver high quality education. Project Planning and Management, Public Administration and Education Management


We pay a lot of attention to each and every detail, because we know that we are in charge of creating somebody's safe haven. We partner up with the best Universities to ensure our famed quality at Bachelors, Diplomas and Certificates.
Bachelor of Education Secondary and Primary, Social Work and Social Administration, Public Administration and Mgt, Accounting and Finance and Business Administration accredited by NCHE and UBTEB.
Social Work and Social Administration, Public Administration and Mgt, Secretarial and Office Management and Business Administration accredited by NCHE and UBTEB.


We're not scared to go beyond the horizon. As the visionaries of tomorrow, we won't say no to experimentation, unusual materials, or unlikely combinations needs new Vocational Education.
Hairdressing and Cosmetology, Bakery and Cookery, Catering and tourism, Carpentry and Woodwork, Shoemaking and Leather Tanning, Medical records, Tailoring, Fashion and Design In house agriculture(mushrooms and poultry) and Indigenous Knowledge. Accreditation managed by UBTEB and DIT


AACMS team is constantly striving for perfection. We are lucky to work with notable and known International Partners, Trusted and experienced in several academic displines enabling us achieve our vision. SES-Germany, PUM-Netherlands, Mountains of the Moon University and Team University.

ICT Lectures



Welcome to AACMS where excellence is cherished, pursued and celebrated!  And yes it’s true; we are the first and only College located principally at the heart of Kasese Municipality western Uganda. 

An internationally oriented, Business intensive college with commitment to excellence in vocational and business education, offering an outstanding campus-based student experience. Over the past 10 years, we have grown significantly while retaining a supportive social and academic community, which makes the college a great place to study, to vocational, business skills and to work.

As the College, our priority will be to strengthen the basic and higher education in the nooks and corners of the country, especially in the deprived rural areas of Uganda. We have highly qualified and experienced staff at our main campus and we will strengthen our college to provide higher education of international standard in rural areas. In the world of today, the modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is playing significant role in providing facilities for the delivery system and quality education.


At college, outstanding business management skills based teaching, learning and exceptional education takes place across the broadest possible range of disciplines. From Humanities and Social sciences, and Technology, Business and Management to Energy and Petroleum Studies. We take our commitment to practical-led teaching very seriously and our staffs are expected to be great teachers. Our curriculum is regularly updated by the latest research; and our students undertake research themselves. Because our college is on a human scale, there is also a very strong sense of community. Students enhance our intellectual community through contributions in lectures, conferences and research symposia and it is immensely gratifying that they are also proud to be associated with the college.

5 Graduation Ceremony
UBTEB and DIT Programs
Science and Research Laboratory


Biira Jonoless

We fortunate that my classes had a harmonious learning atmosphere and everyone helped each other by working collaboratively."

The subjects I had at the African Ark College have accelerated my cognitive skills and enhanced my writing which I am now able to apply to my current Bachelor’s. My Critical Thinking teacher Barnabas was very funny and his interesting classes kept me excited and eager to learn. I also remember my Science teacher Festo, because he would teach us step-by-step, which made everything easy to follow and understand. Overall, I had quite extensive contact with my teachers..

Mumbere Josephat

"Academically, the College provides all the knowledge for how to face the challenges of the world "

I wanted to study at AACMS because my mother and sister studied there. The College was the best way for me to achieve that. I found the College very different and challenging in a good way. The teachers here are very nice and friendly. Where I come from, we are afraid of the teachers. But here, they’re like friends. I have learnt a lot academically and also about myself and I’ve also made friendships that will last a lifetime. Studying at Ark has been life changing. I've faced many new experiences and learnt to be independent. I like the people here, they are very outgoing, friendly and also very helpful. You can get a sense of this in the staff; if we have a problem, they will solve it or help us solve it.



Application Forms

We are here to help you fill the perfect Application Forms for your career. Depending on your needs, we'll suggest, guide and technically offer the best for quality admissions. Incomplete application forms will be declined. A proof of application form payment must be attached along with academic photocopies of the applicant.


Application Review

Once you've submitted complete application form of your dream career, the academic committee will review the applications and contacts will be made where applicable.


Admission Letter

We don't play around – that means that our bold and confident approach to admissions should meet your career. An admission letter will be issued immediately so that you start your academic path.



As management we are determined to achieve our mission of being a research driven Institution motivated by societal needs, whilst creating scholars who are empowered to provide cutting edge solutions. In 2022, we shall launch a new bold strategy to take us to 2026, based on a clear vision to invest in intellectual talent to make a difference to our country, our region, our nation, and our world. The best way to truly appreciate what college has allot to offer is to visit, but until you are able to do that I hope our website will give you all the information you need; whether you are looking for a place to study or work, want to find out more about our research and Public engagement, or reconnect with our alumni community. We welcome your interest in our college and hope you can find the information you are looking for on this website.

If you are in Kasese and the surrounding districts you have an open invitation to visit us and to meet staff and students.




Chairman Governing Council


College Principal


Technical Advisor


To bring our vision into reality, we need the best partners out there. We've joined hands with one of the best when it comes to academics, practical's, research and innovation to achieve sophisticated results.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work, Courses or have a business proposal, we'd love to hear from you.


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Kidodo Cell - Railway Ward
Central Division, Kasese Municipality

Kampala - Uganda

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