The college was started by group of social workers when identified need of starting education centre for higher education in kasese when severe wars and tribal conflicts hard plundered economies of the area leaving populations in poverty and illiteracy . Kasese District was in education isolation because most schools of higher education were in distance of 450 KM in Kampala Uganda. This could not support education of Mountainous population that characterized of wars and poverty.

The college was established early January 2012 as vocational centre with 20 students and was accredited in September 2014 by Uganda National Council for higher Education for awarding Diplomas and certificates in Business, vocational, computer science, information technology, social sciences .The college is registered by Directorate of industrial training Registration no.UVQF/394  to assess students for practical courses.

The college has community programs in Human rights, Public Health, Eco- Tourism,  Agro-business training and Sustainable Agriculture.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Promoting high quality business and management training skills to graduates

  2. Disseminating cutting edge knowledge and skills in business, and productivity enhancement through a number of  business programmes

  3. Undertaking consultancy projects in client  community organizations to provide  business management solutions to existing and anticipated problems

  4. Conducting and disseminating research findings in business and management area aimed at improving the competitiveness of business organizations

  5. Producing competitive graduates with pre-requisite skills and competencies to solve the workplace business problems in a dynamic environment

The College in pursuit of its mission is guided by the following core values:

  1.     Integrity

  2.     Teamwork

  3.     Accountability

  4.     Transparency

  5.     Passion for Business

  6.     Social Responsibility

  7.     Respect for others



We appreciate work done by Government of Uganda, Uganda National council for Higher Education for accepting us for recognize and license African Ark College of Management Sciences.

We Recognize the role played by Team University training our staff at Degree and post graduate levels offering bursaries to the as staff development leading to training of ten staff and mountains of Moon University for 5 staff members.

We recognize the role of SES GERMANY in staff development and equipping the college with  computers with 12 lap top used for used updated with ICT.The experts have made contribution to ICT and internet access in the college

We have appreciated the training made by Tom Martens  which have provided to both teachers and students in department of IT to  provide learning experiences, increase teaching skills, increase self reliance, promote E-learning and computer repair and mentainence,information sharing. Trainees shall be trainers of future trainees in Uganda. PUM is recognized as centre of knowledge and skills for promoting quality work and self reliance through human resources enrichment to raise performance standards of workers.

We recognized the role played by Anike Foundation US to their support in mobilization of computers, Kambere Amos of Umoja Operations compassion society of British Colombia for accepting us Collaborations and networking for college support.


Tel: +256779946417


Monday - Sunday: 7am - 6pm


Currently our main campus has 430 students in Kasese Uganda


Kidodo Cell

Railway Ward

Central Division

Kasese Municipality

Kampala Uganda

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