2.1.1 Graduate Admission Process:

2.1.2 Application procedure

General Application Procedure

All applicants for Diploma and Certificate studies have to satisfy the requirements of the relevant courses and the College regulations. Applicants should seek admission to programmes that can assist them to develop their abilities, interests, and skills and can effectively place them in appropriate occupational or educational situations. Application forms may be obtained from the Academic Registrar’s office after payment of an application fee at the stipulated bank(s). Foreign applicants can apply online at the website.


2.1.3    Entry requirements

Entry onto the Diploma and Certificate programmes by application and admission. Candidates are expected English proficiency requirements (Mode of Instructions)

Applicants from countries where the language of instruction is not English are required to show evidence of proficiency in English. Foreign applicants currently residing in Uganda may, however, sit an English proficiency test conducted by African Ark College of Management Sciences.

2.2.1     When to apply

The advertisements for Diploma and Certificate courses run in the media. Unless otherwise stated, all applications are made in January-February and May-June each academic year. It may be extended as determined by the College council.


2.2.2    Method of Submission of Application

Relevant copies of certificates and certified copies of academic transcripts and three reference letters (at least two from academic referees) must accompany all completed application forms. Forms which are not completed properly cause delays in the processing of applications and may be rejected. Transcripts and other academic documents that are not in English must be translated by an authorized body before submission of applications and attachments.

2.3.1    Fees and Other Requirements

Before applying, the applicant is advised to make sure that there is adequate financial support to cover fees and other requirements. The fees structures prescribed in admission letters do not cover research, feeding and accommodation expenses.


2.3.2    Functional Fees (Excluding Tuition)

Note the following:

  1. College fees are subject to change/variation from time to time, as determined by the College Council.

  2. Application fees are paid at the time of collection of application forms or before submission of applications to the Academic Registrar’s office.

  3. College fees (i.e. Registration, Administration, Library, Examination, Identity Card, development fee, medical fees, student activity fees/guild fees, and computer study fees) MUST be paid to the College before registration. Research supervision fees are paid by students in second year. Graduation, Certificate, Convocation and Academic Transcript fees are paid on completion of the programme.

  4. Payment of fees may be made in lump sum on arrival or in installments (per semester).

  5. College fees MUST be paid in the stipulated bank(s). No cash is acceptable at the College.

  6. No Ugandans MUST pay fees in US Dollars or its equivalent in Uganda shillings based on the rates prescribed by the College.

  7. Other requirements such as books, stationery, accommodation, food, and research and other expenses, are paid directly to the student by the sponsor.


  1. Undergraduate  Diploma & Certificate Admission Process


  1. There are three routes for admission to a Diploma programme at AACMS–

  2. Direct entry from schools -Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes (three of which must be credits), obtained at the same sitting; and at least one principal passes at Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent;

  3. Certificate– obtained at credit/distinction level in the relevant field from a recognized institution; or

  4. Bridging course for students who have done their secondary education outside Uganda. 


2.5.1     Admission to an ordinary Certificate programme:


The minimum entry requirement for admission to an ordinary certificate programme is a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes obtained at the same sitting.


  1. Direct Entry Application


2.5.3    The Academic Registrar advertises Programmes under the direct entry and their admission criteria after release of UACE results by the MOE&S


  1. Interested applicant must apply for admission by filling an application form obtained from the Academic Registrar’s office at the main campus or at any of its centers or downloaded from the our website 


  1. The applicant should indicate or provide:

  • Status Requested: whether one is applying as a day (full-time), evening, weekend, holiday or distance student. 

  • Personal details

  • Permanent and correspondence addresses, phone numbers and e-mails.

  • Indicate four course options chronologically. 

  • Information on previous education (“O” and “A” Level qualifications and any other academic qualifications).

  • Information on employment and professional qualification

  • Two references for confidential report

  • Other requirements such as applicant’s profile, academic qualifications, working experience and referees must be submitted.



  1. Dully filled application forms accompanied by evidence of requisite application fee are received, checked and sorted by the Assistant Academic Registrar in charge of admissions and forwarded to respective Department for processing. The sorted applications must meet the minimum basic requirements for admissions. (Refer to the AACMS minimum entry requirements for certificate and diplomas).


  1. The Admission Committee meets and follows the agreed weighting criteria. All subjects taken at the Advanced Level of Education must be grouped into four categories (essential, relevant, desirable and others) and weighted for purposes of admission to the under graduate Programmes.   Uganda Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) must also be weighted (distinction 0.3, credit 0.2 and a pass 0.1) and the result added on the “A” Level weighting to obtain a total weight for the applicant.


  1. The list of selected applicants and the report/minutes from the Committee are forwarded to the Assistant Registrar Admissions for verification.


  1. The approved lists of successful applicants from AJAB are forwarded to Academic Registrar for processing of admission letters, signature and dispatched to the applicant.


  1. When the applicant’s academic file does not meet the normal admission requirements of regular student status (those admitted with at least 2 principal passes), it is possible to gain admission into a program provided the:


  • Candidate sits and passes a mature entrance examination set by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE); and must be 25 years of age or above.

  • Prospects of academic success of the candidate are evident.

  • Candidate has the required academic transcripts for the “O” and/or “A” levels.

  • Candidate submits a curriculum vitae

  • Candidate has other documents that are the equivalent of “O” and “A” levels


  1. At the end of the admission exercise, the College top management will meet to receive all the lists of selected applicants from AJAB.


  1. Provisional admission of students


  1. In some exceptional cases where a student, for example, is requested for proof of admission before some external funding is made accessible for him/her, a student can be provisionally admitted provided he/she meets the minimum requirements of the NCHE and AACMS.


  1. The Head of department will recommend for admission and the Academic Registrar will provisionally admit the student. 


  1. At the AJAB, the provisionally admitted students will be presented by the Heads of Departments and consequently received by the admission’s Board and regularized as per the College policy.


  1. In case there are applicants after the AJAB has sat, a sub-committee may be constituted, including; the Academic Registrar and HoDs. This sub-committee shall convene on behalf of AJAB and later present the list of recommended applicants to the AJAB. The sub-committee will be chaired by the Academic Registrar.


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