The Governing Council is the supreme organ of the College and its responsible for the overall administration of the College. Its responsible for the administrative, financial and academic affairs of the College.


Membership of the Governing Council.

  1. the Chairperson; (appointed by the Board of Directors)

  2. the Vice Chairperson;

  3. the Principals;

  4. Deputy Principals;

  5. Two members of the Academic Board elected by the Academic Board;

  6. Two members of the Academic Staff elected by the Academic Staff Association;

  7. Two members of the Board of Directors nominated by the Board of Directors;

  8. A senior member of the administrative Staff elected by the Senior Administrative Staff;

  9. Two students of the Guild Government, one of whom shall be a female, appointed by the Students’ Guild;

  10. Representatives of the collaborating Colleges, if any;

  11. Three members from the public, one of whom shall represent persons with disabilities.

  12. The Deputy Principal who shall be secretary to the Council.


Functions of the Governing Council.

       The Governing Council, as the supreme organ of the College -

  1. Be responsible for the direction of the administrative, financial and academic affairs of the College;

  2. Formulate the general policy of the College;

  3. Give general guidelines to the administrative and academic staff of the College on matters regarding the operations of the College;

  4. Approve the mission and strategic direction of the College;

  5. Approve the annual budget and business plans.

  6. Represent the College in all legal suits by and against the College;

  7. Fix scales of fees and boarding charges;

  8. Make statutes;

  9. Establish departments, boards and programmes of study;

  10. Provide for the welfare and discipline of students;

  11. Approve the College budget proposals and the audited accounts submitted by management;

  12. Approve the appointment of Heads of Departments of various units.


Tel: +256779946417


Monday - Sunday: 7am - 6pm


Currently our main campus has 430 students in Kasese Uganda


Kidodo Cell

Railway Ward

Central Division

Kasese Municipality

Kampala Uganda

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