We work with the best specialists in the field to ensure the best quality for our Services.

Tailoring, Knitting and Design classes

African Ark College of Management Sciences has a long lasting cooperation with SES Germany in regard to Capacity Building and Resource mobilisation.

Depending on our needs, SES offers various lighting solutions based around the needs of the College, and offers highly tailored experts for all departments in need of Experten Services.

ICT Staff in Training by SES-Germany

The long sounding cooperation with PUM Netherlands has made tremendous developments across Academic Programs accreditations and community projects funded.

Participants can expect longevity and top quality from all College trainings, Modules, skills, as they are results based and professionals on-site.

Ton Martens-PUM after training staff

TWAM UK has made several donations in areas of Vocational Education and expansion of skills to students in hard to reach areas.

African Ark College is so pleased to also partner with AS ROMA for provision and extension of Sports careers at Ark.

College Sports Team


Kitchen Gardening for Promotion of food Security during COVID-19

Skills Development

Sustainable Agriculture and Value Addition

Human Rights and girls Child Education

Use of ICT in Disaster Management

Research and Information Management

Climate Change and Reforestation

Community Demonstration Garden




Kidodo Cell - Railway Ward
Central Division, Kasese Municipality

Kampala - Uganda

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