Registration of New Students:

 All Diplomas and Certificates registrations

After admission to the College, the applicant must be oriented and registered for courses to be taken at the beginning of the academic year. The registered courses shall be categorized as Core, Elective, Pre-requisite or Audited.

  1. No one will be allowed to take courses without being properly registered in accordance with the regulations of AACMS.

  2. The course selection of all students must be approved by the AR.  The Office of the Academic Registrar will consider a student to be properly registered only when such an approval has been granted. 

  3. To complete registration for all new students,  a student must bring a:

  1. Genuine Former School or Institutional Identity card, and passport in the case of non-Ugandans

  2. An Admission letter from African Ark College of Management Sciences.

  3. Present Originals of certificates for UCE and UACE results or other recognized examination bodies on which the candidates have based his/her application will be accepted as evidence of possession of qualifications. If there are not available then a statement of results (pass lip) from the examining body shall be acceptable.

  4. The Registration process shall only be considered complete after the student has paid 100% of fees and consequently gets a registration card. However, the university allows partial payments of fees in three installments of 50%, 30% and 20% as provided for in the College Calendar.

  5. Present Receipt from the office of the Bursar as a proof of payment of at least 50% of the fees including the NHCE fees. Non Ugandan students are required to show proof of funding to cover the full required time for the course.

  6. Direct Entrants; a recommendation from the former school (corresponding with the document) with a verified photograph.

    Six copies of a passport size photograph of the candidate.


  1. The dates of registration for new students will be communicated to them as per approved Semester dates.

  1. After registration the new students are issued with registration numbers, identification card (ID), nominal roll is generated and students file opened.

  1. Any student intending to transfer from one course or program to another must fill a form of transfer which is endorsed by the HoDs and Academic Register.

  1. The offer of a place in the College will be cancelled if registration is delayed for more than a month; or if it’s proved that the UCE/UACE academic documents are forged.

  1. Cancellations of the diploma certificate after graduation shall also apply for any case of forgery of academic documents.

  1. The name used on your application form if consistent with all the documents shall be registered and appear on your Diploma/Certificate documents attained at the College.

  1. Non-Ugandan students must check with their Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in their country of residence and obtain the necessary residence papers before registration can be completed.

  1. Students wishing to terminate their registration must apply in writing to the Academic Registrar who will consult the student and the Head of the Department before the termination is finalized. 

  1. When a student officially withdraws, a withdrawal credit will be issued, fees refund from the date on which the letter of withdrawal was received by the College shall be determined in accordance with the financial regulations.


   Continuing Students


  1. All continuing students must register for courses to be taken in the semester within the first week at the start of semester. The courses registered shall be categorized as Core, Elective, Pre-requisite or Audited.


  1. The course selection of all continuing students must be approved by the heads of department(s).  The School and the Office of the Academic Registrar will consider a student to be properly registered only when such an approval has been granted. 


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Currently our main campus has 430 students in Kasese Uganda


Kidodo Cell

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