I was fortunate that my classes had a harmonious learning atmosphere and everyone helped each other by working collaboratively."

The subjects I had at African Ark College of Management Sciences have accelerated my cognitive skills and enhanced my writing which I am now able to apply to my current Bachelor’s. My Computer teacher Rwamanyonyi was very funny and his interesting classes kept me excited and eager to learn. I also remember my Communication tuitor Hellen, because she would teach us step-by-step, which made everything easy to follow and understand. Overall, I had quite extensive contact with my tuitors.

"I decided to study at African Ark College of Management Sciences because I wanted to take a bridging semester, which for me, was going to be a big advantage as an international student."

The courses I had during my Diploma Program were all really interesting and made me curious to continue learning. In Uganda, the tuitors are very strict whereas, at the College, they are compassionate and feel like your friends. Studying Business Administration, my favourite subject was Financial Accounting. Financial Accounting has been my passion since I was a child, and the College tuitors really allowed me to excel in enhancing my knowledge and skills. Being Business Club President, I was responsible for ensuring all the Club’s events promote student welfare and made life easier for students. Deciding what businesses to organise comes down to College student’s feedback.

Mumbere Saimon
Diploma in Business Administration

Katusime Calvin
Diploma in SWASA

"Academically, the College provides all the knowledge for how to face the challenges of universities, Companies, Jobs and research "

I wanted to study at African Ark College of Management Sciences because all my best performers and co-workers studied there. The College was the best way for me to achieve that. I found the College very different and challenging in a good way. The tutors here are very nice and friendly. Where I come from, we are afraid of the tutors. But here, they’re like friends. I have learnt a lot academically and also about myself and I’ve also made friendships that will last a lifetime. Studying in African Ark College has been life changing. I've faced many new experiences and learnt to be independent. I like the people here, they are very outgoing, friendly and also very helpful. You can get a sense of this in the staff; if we have a problem, they will solve it or help us solve it immediately due to their rich experience and higher qualifications in different displines. 

i really encourage all students both female and male to join African Ark College of Management Sciences for a bright future.

"It was more than just a great study experience that the College left me with"

The staff there helped me to settle in and develop a better understanding of life in Uganda, adapt to the study methods used in higher education, and build up a social and support network, which has been very helpful further on. The teaching and studying approach encourages students to be active and get involved rather than spending hours alone in the library. The teachers at the College are real people with real personality, who care about their students more than just their grades. From my experience, the College tutors always seek the uniqueness in students and helped them to make it shine.

Mumbere Pedson
Diploma in Purchase and Suplies

"If I were to have gone straight to Team University without doing the Foundation Studies Program, I would have encountered a lot of difficulties with the weight of expectation."

One thing I really liked about my tutors is how they communicated with everyone. They were very friendly. The tutors at the College actively talk to you, encourage you to socialise and feel valued when you take their guidance. Ultimately, they are the people you can look up to in building your independence before you enter university. If you work hard, you’ll get the results you want. Being the Social Work Club President at the College meant I was privileged to know all the members very well and facilitate events.

Bwambale Joshua
Diploma in SWASA

Nantambi  Mary Jacent
Certificate in Mass Communication

"The courses at African Ark College of Management Sciences taught me things I’d never known."

I decided to choose the College due to its amazing study program that prepared me for university entry, and also the convenient location in the Kasese City. When I first arrived in African Ark College, I had a hard time trying to adapt because of the different culture and speaking English, but after a month at the College, with the support of the friendly tutors and all staff, my English started to improve a lot and I started to enjoy myself. My tutors were wonderful, they were always encouraging and very supportive. They did not hesitate at all to spend time with students in and outside of the lectureroom, whenever we had difficulty with class work or adapting to a new culture.

The content of the courses at the College taught me things I’d never known. The tutors did a great job of explaining the concepts, which was really helpful. The classes helped me create a strong foundation for my career; improvement in my English and confidence in public speaking was a great tool for me in college presentations and class participation.

I learned and enjoyed myself a lot during my years at the College. The knowledge and experiences that I received from the College are still fresh in my memory and will be taken with me as a guide throughout my years lifetime. African Ark College has helped me immensely and I’m sure it will be of great help to other students.

The courses I had during my Certificate Program were all really interesting and made me curious to continue learning. The tutors are very serious and friendly. Studying Computer Science, my favourite subject was Visual Programming. Computing has been my passion since I was a child, and the College tutors really allowed me to excel in enhancing my knowledge and skills. Being Student Visual Basic Club President, I was responsible for ensuring all student codes are correct and executable. Deciding what project to code etc.

Ithungu  ilet
Certificate in Computer Science


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Currently our main campus has 430 students in Kasese Uganda


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